Smart design made even better

The Hieteq is designed for style and substance. Including every imaginable feature to keep you completely connected to the world around you. With amazingly innovative next generation in smart design from HIETEQ featuring a large full HD screen and a Ah battery for improved performance.

Breathe life into your gallery

The Hieteq Smart Phone brings your photos to life, so your gallery is full of living, breathing memories and adds this living moment to your gallery!

Get more space!

Always running out of room to store your music and photos? With the Hieteq Smart Phone, you won’t have this problem! Expand your phone memory with a microSD card, extra storage!

Stay in the loop

Hieteq Smart Phoneallows you to pick all the social networks, news and feeds that you need to stay up to date, and it will stream them live to your home screen. Forget dashing between separate apps, Hieteq Smart Phone puts your whole world right in the palm of your hand.

Clearer calls

Hieteq Smart PhoneVoice feature is perfect for busy city streets, So whatever environment you’re in, you’ll be able to enjoy crystal clear calls every time.


4G Fast Internet

This device is compatible with any 4G networks worldwide. Experience mobile internet faster than you ever could have imagined.

1080p Recording

Capture video in amazing clarity with Full High Definition 1080p recording.


Bluetooth lets you wirelessly connect to a host of accessories and peripherals. Transfer files, use hands-free kits and stream media quickly and easily.

Micro SD Card Slot

Expand your device's storage with a Micro SD card and keep all your favorite music and videos on your device, available wherever and whenever you want.

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