In order to help identify and deliver productivity improvements to our customers, HIETEQ has commissioned the first detailed independent body of research on productivity among leading Global business and government organisations. The outcomes of this research are captured in The HIETEQ Productivity Indicator, a report on business attitudes towards improving productivity in Australia and a white paper: ICT as a Driver of Productivity.

Corporate Accountability is about acting with integrity to inspire trust. Our business thrives when we earn the trust and respect of our customers through our actions and our innovations. We have built ethics and integrity into our key corporate growth initiatives, encouraging people to accept responsibility and enabling them to take action. We believe the secret of corporate accountability at HIETEQ is the pride that our people take in our company. For us, it’s more than simply meeting compliance requirements and following the rules — it’s creating a culture in which people can and want to act with integrity.

At HIETEQ, environmental responsibility is being embraced throughout the company. That’s why it’s a central part of our commitment to continuously improve our business to help protect the environment while making it easier for customers to acquire, own and retire their computers responsibility.

The HIETEQ Productivity Indicator documents the responses of thousands of business decision makers. Amongst other significant findings it is clear that:
1. Even though improving productivity ranks equal second in business importance for these decision makers less than half can actually measure productivity or have clear productivity improvement targets;
2.Investment in ICT does drive measurable productivity improvements. However, across all organisations, only 30% of companies actually measure the benefits with a high degree of accuracy.

Corporate responsibility at HIETEQ is about being a responsible corporate citizen. HIETEQ focuses on the ideals of environmental responsibility, corporate accountability and social responsibility to further bolster the notion that addressing these issues support the attainment of financial goals and can be critical to long-term corporate success. Our commitment means we must continue to build trust with customers and stakeholders by demonstrating our positive impact on our society and planet and developing meaningful measures for reporting our progress. Corporate responsibility is a critical component of HIETEQ’s overall business.

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