Affiliation facilities is available to home based businesses and small organisations to sell product thru their sites or their own marketing.
we will provide dropshipment facilities to the small business who wish to sell HIETEQ brand products thru affiliation. Below is the products available under affiliation program.

The HIETEQ Tablet PC, a durable, lightweight and powerfully equipped tablet PC that’s been purposefully designed, developed and built for mobile business. Easily converts the Tablet PC from a mobile slate into a notebook style for sitting, desktop and word-processing environments.
Android makes tablets easy to use with its fast technology.

Enables complete desktop PC functionality and connectivity , The boundary between consumer and IT technologies has faded, creating opportunities and challenges for your end users, IT organization and business.

Smart phones
With Hieteq Smartphone technology , industry-leading enterprise mobility management solution enables enterprises and public sector organizations to take full advantage of the new android based device and application management abilities. With the Google Android platform, this phone is set to become a multi function minicomputer, provided more applications are added in time to the 35 existing ones.

Styling with Real Business durability
On the outside, the Stylish Laptop is every bit as elegant as today’s most popular Laptops. Yet the Laptops is built for everyday use, able to handle drops, spills, chilly winter temperatures, extreme heat and more. And since the display is built with ultra-strong framework, it is virtually impervious to damage, able to flex when dropped without shattering or scratching.

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